Uber Accident Lawyer

The rapid growth of ride-sharing companies like Uber means that more people have an opportunity to financially support themselves. Riders also benefit because they now have an option if they need a quick ride to and from destinations, for a reasonable price. However, the downside to this is that passengers are still vulnerable to getting into an accident during their ride share. Victims of Uber accidents can rely on an attorney for help getting compensation for injuries sustained due to the collision. We encourage victims to talk with an attorney, so they feel empowered knowing what their choices are in seeking compensation.

The Debate of Insurance

In most cases, the Uber driver’s car insurance coverage will take care of themselves and passengers in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, the company Uber may not require drivers to have a certain level of coverage. So, passengers are not guaranteed to get the proper coverage they need to pay for injuries and damages. In fact, some car insurance companies offer policies that have a business use exception rule, where losses incurred when the driver is on the job won’t be covered.

Uber may carry third-party liability coverage which pays a significant amount in personal injuries and damage to property for an accident. The fine print is that these policies may only come into effect once the driver’s insurance has been exhausted. An attorney can evaluate the accident to suggest whether to seek restitution from just the driver or the Uber company too.

How Driver Rights Impact Passengers

Uber drivers are not considered employees, as they are hired as independent contractors for the company. This means they have fewer rights and benefits than those who are employed with a business. This is a crucial distinction to be aware of, because a company can be held responsible for a negligent employee, but not necessarily for an independent contractor. This can make it difficult for a passenger to blame Uber as sharing some degree of responsibility for the accident.

Get Help Before Accepting a Settlement

A passenger who was part of an Uber accident and had no fault in the incident happening, may be entitled to several kinds of damages. Victims must keep in mind that even if you file a claim against Uber for compensation, they may try to get you to settle with an amount that is way below what your damages are worth. Victims may want to ask for advice from a legal professional before agreeing to a settlement amount if they are offered one by Uber. We can help fight for an amount that is fair, so you don’t find yourself having been tricked later.

Please contact an attorney for more information. It isn’t fair that you had to endure hardships because of a driver’s carelessness. Let an experienced Uber accident lawyer represent your claim and help get the amount you need to recover. Call today.

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