Do I Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Workers Compensation Lawyer

In many situations, injury or harm that requires only simple medical treatment is provided and paid for by the workers’ compensation insurance company. If there is no significant loss of work and lost wages, you should recover from your injury without a lot of future problems.

However, even with minor injuries, you will likely want to take the opportunity to consult with a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer. Experienced legal professionals can review your case with you, taking into account any benefits that you have already received, and evaluate any settlement offer that you’ve received. They can provide you with an honest answer as to whether some benefits were overlooked or have not been paid and whether or we can obtain further benefits for you.

Why you hire an attorney to represent you

Workers’ compensation can be a complicated and confusing web of legal rules and procedures. Insurance companies and business groups have worked hard to secure laws that are stacked in their favor. Consequently, the workers’ compensation system of today is much more complicated than ever before.

Big businesses often get their way and stack the deck in their favor. They are usually more concerned about their bottom line than spending money to compensate injured workers. Nonetheless, if your compensation claim is at all involved, you will want to hire a well-qualified, experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. Here are some situations where an attorney can be particularly helpful:

  • Your injury is severe enough to require surgery.
  • Your injury may interfere with your ability to return to your job.
  • Your injury might prevent you from returning to any type of work at all.
  • You have pre-existing injuries or disabilities that may lead to a denied claim.
  • You are unsure if you are receiving all of your benefits.
  • You are on social security disability or may go on it soon.
  • You think you might need more medical treatment or could need additional medical treatment in the future.
  • You are eligible for Medicare or will be within 30 months of the injury.
  • You were fired after your work injury, or fear being fired.
  • You were injured due to the negligence of another person or company.
  • You have unpaid medical bills or are afraid medical bills are still lingering out there.

Don’t accept the employer or insurance company at their word

If your case is denied by workers’ compensation insurance, or your employer tells you that your claim isn’t covered under workers’ compensation, don’t take their word for it. Many people who are denied simply accept the insurance company’s word and never pursue their claim. If you do not feel comfortable calling and haggling with insurance companies or lawyers, or if this all seems too overwhelming, spare yourself the stress and the worry and hire a workers’ compensation lawyer. You may find it is well worth it, especially if your case has any complexity to it. Contact a law firm and set up a time to discuss your case and your concerns with a qualified and credentialed workers’ compensation attorney.

Source: Workers Compensation Lawyer Harford, MD, Greenberg Law Offices

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