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When you first started thinking of operating your own practice, firm, company, store, organization, e-commerce, e-service, or other kind of business, did you realize that being your own boss can be like the saying goes, it’s lonely at the top?

Many people are allured to starting their own businesses for many different reasons but isolation is not usually one of them.

Businesses Store

Many different personality types are successful in business in many different ways but gregarious and introverted people alike, often have a hard time connecting with successful professionals in their fields.

Businesses Store

Playing your cards close to your chest is important when it comes to keeping your head above your competitors but not having anyone to play with, often leaves professionals who operate their own businesses void of being challenged by new ideas and ways of running things. And even though many successful business operators would like to share their ideas with others in their industry who are at the top of their game, who has the time to do this?

Online Anytime

Being able to do these things at any time of the day or night from the comfort of your home, or from the comfort of your phone or tablet almost anyplace in the world, is the kind of forum that modern professionals who run their own businesses need. As people spend more and more of their “real” time online in what used to be considered the “virtual” world, the need for online information, networking, and professional development is great.

When top level business professionals feel like they do not have time for professional development and networking, there is usually a lot of truth in this because in addition to running a business, they often have additional responsibilities and needs that can be tough to fit into their waking hours. Spending time with friends and/or family, taking care of daily tasks and errands, taking care of yourself by getting exercise and/or meditating, name just a few of the things that business professionals often have a hard time fitting into their busy schedules.

Modern Marketplace

Modern marketplaces are online.


While there are still many places in the less developed parts of the world where people who live remote to cities and towns have to physically travel great distances to buy food and other household goods, many people in the more developed world are not leaving the comfort of their homes and offices to travel even the short distances to supermarkets and other stores. Instead, they are doing more and more of their shopping online with their purchases being delivered in as little as an hour of making them.


Businesses Store is a place for business professionals to share, swap and shop businesses ideas to help them improve their business. As Businesses Store grows, so will the scope of the professions and types of businesses this site focuses on. Its aim is to provide general information that will be helpful to a wide range of business operators as well as information that will likely be more helpful to a more targeted audience.

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