After a severe car accident, you likely end up in the hospital. Perhaps you need to undergo several surgeries for doctors to save your life. By the time the experience is over, and you are waking up in your hospital bed, the medical bills have piled sky high, and your spouse is wondering if you’ll ever work again. When you lost all hope, an insurance adjuster enters your hospital room and ask for a moment of your time. You ask them questions about your policy only to realize that they are there on behalf of the other driver, and they want to discuss compensation. While this scenario may seem unlikely, it is actually not that far-fetched. Another unthinkable aspect of this situation occurs when the insurance representative tells you there is no need for an attorney, that they have your best interest in mind. Don’t believe them.

Insurers are For-Profit

Insurance companies are for-profit institutions, meaning they are not in the business of willfully handing out money unless it saves them dollars in the long-term. After your accident, the insurer is not reaching out to see if you are OK. In most situations, they are trying to get you to trip up when telling them your story. They want to find any reason to remove liability from their client, making the problem much easier to disappear. Also, they may offer you a settlement, and under mounting debt and pressure, their offer will seem more than fair, but it is likely less than you can expect through settlement negotiations or a trial. Do not speak with an insurance adjuster or representative without an attorney present.

Early Settlement Means No Further Deliberation

Unfortunately, many victims are desperate for financial relief and give in to temptation, accepting the insurer’s initial offer. What many of these potential plaintiffs don’t realize upon signing that agreement is that they’re giving up any chance at future litigation, regardless of financial need. Many insurance representatives who partake in these shady practices take advantage of the fear and your lack of wherewithal. While you may think your injuries will fully heal and you will be back to normal, that may not happen. Some injuries take time to manifest; time insurance companies don’t want to give you. Again, do nothing without an attorney present.

Serious injuries Require Skilled Negotiation

Insurers just want your case out of their hair. They don’t want a trial. Therefore, it is in your best interest to seek professional advice from an experienced attorney skilled in the art of personal injury negotiations.

If you are in the hospital, or home recovering from an accident, and insurance adjusters are knocking at your door, contact a personal injury attorney. Say nothing without fair representation.