A doctor’s extensive education and training is all done to keep people healthy and alive. Whether you are sick, injured, or going for a physical, a doctor is a trusted professional and a hospital is somewhere that assists in medical care. 

What happens when someone gets sick or dies while in a hospital? Medical malpractice claims can be filed for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the reason, the one element that must be proven is that the doctor or facility didn’t follow the standard practice of care when handling a patient. This can be done through direct action or because no action was taken. When a medical malpractice case results in a patient’s death, the lawsuit that is filed may convert into a wrongful death lawsuit. Explore some examples of how a doctor or hospital may be held accountable in a patient’s death.

The Hospital Wasn’t Sanitary

A hospital is supposed to be sanitary and clean. This is so that germs and viruses don’t infect patients with compromised immune systems. If a person dies from infection caused by a virus or bacteria at the hospital, an investigation may take a close look at sanitation practices at the facility. Was the staff adequately trained in how to keep a patient’s room clean? Did they all wash their hands properly? If the findings show that the hospital was negligent in keeping the hospital clean, it may end up being hit with a wrongful death lawsuit.

The Doctor Made a Surgical Error

Surgeons are some of the most scrutinized doctors. Their actions may make a profound impact on what happens to their patients during their most vulnerable times. A patient may die on the operating table due to no fault of the doctor. However, there are circumstances when the surgeon did something that caused the death. In these cases, a wrongful death suit may be brought against the surgeon, the nursing staff in the operating room, and the hospital.

The Nursing Staff Was Overworked

Nurses are some of the most hardworking individuals. They often take on heavy workloads and shifts. A nurse may be sleep-deprived and administer the wrong medication to a patient or not follow the doctor’s written orders. If these oversights caused the patient to die, the nurse and the hospital might be on the hook for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Talk to an Attorney

Because laws governing wrongful death lawsuits are state-specific, you should consult with a medical malpractice attorney, like a medical malpractice attorney in Longwood, FL, for assistance.

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