The body is made up of several complex systems that all work together to keep it functioning correctly. Some of these are considered essential life support, while others are non-essential.

At the top is the brain, the organ that controls all others. Without it, the lungs do not breathe and the heart does not beat. If the brain gets injured, it will start malfunctioning. Find out what might happen if the brain is hurt in the course of an accident.

Signs of Injury

A brain injury may be visible. During an accident, the force of the impact may jar the head, causing it to hit something inside the vehicle, like the headliner or middle console. When this happens, there may be a clear sign of a head injury. The severity of the impact may not be known at first, but through the use of imaging, a doctor may see the brain is bleeding, swelling, or shows signs of bruising. In other cases, the damage may not be visible and instead begins to manifest in different ways. If you have a brain injury, you may feel some or all of the following:

  • Headaches with growing intensity
  • Dizziness and vomiting
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Balance issues
  • Inability to recall recent events
  • Difficulty speaking

Experiencing even one of these symptoms after a crash should prompt you to see a doctor.

Results of Injury

When the brain gets hurt, it may temporarily stop functioning correctly. Each section of the brain is responsible for a different body function; therefore, the location of the injury points to how the body is impacted. Some parts of the brain may be responsible for memory. An injury may temporarily make it difficult to either create new memories or recall old ones. Another brain injury may impact speech. A person dealing with this particular injury may have a difficult time forming words or remembering them. They may also confuse words easily. Hopefully, the brain will heal in time. However, in the event it does not, you may have to deal with permanent ramifications of the injury. In these instances, you may require lifelong care.

A brain injury is the most serious result of an accident. It may lead to an early death, something that would leave your family in a bind. If you have been diagnosed with a brain injury after an accident, you must speak to a brain injury lawyer today. This professional can get you the help you need to move forward.