3 Tips For a Fun and Memorable Photo Booth

Photobooths are a popular choice for wedding reception entertainment. There is no need to spend money on fancy equipment when you can DIY your own. Many couples like the idea of saving a little money where they can, while still providing guests with a truly special wedding experience. Read on for detailed tips about how to create a lovely photo booth that aligns with the aesthetic and theme for your big wedding day:

#1 Attract the Eye, But Not Distracting

The photo booth background will be a focal point, so it must draw attention but not distract from other elements of your wedding. You can be fancy or simple, depending on your chosen decor. Examples of effective ways to create a backdrop that attracts but does not distract are using ribbons, balloons, curtains, cute phrases, and fabrics.

#2 Use Lighting That Flatters Everyone

Your photobook background must be property-lit. If the area is too bright, people may feel startled by the intense brightness. By comparison, if it’s lacking enough light, it may get overlooked or not used. Set up lighting and practice taking photographs against the backdrop and adjust it so that everyone will look great taking pictures.

#2 Place in Obviously Visible Location

The purpose of a photo booth is to allure your guests and encourage them to capture the moment through a photograph. Because of how much fun your guests will have with the photo booth, placement is key. Do not shove into a dark corner or in another room from the main area. Set it up in an obvious location, where people can see others using it and feel compelled to get their own photo taken too!