Animal attacks are very scary incidents to go through, and victims can suffer from painful injuries and scars from wounds that last a lifetime. Millions of dog bites are reported each and every year across the nation, and people may not realize that they can take legal action against the dog owner for their medical bills and other losses. When a dog bites you because of no fault of your own, you can seek help from a lawyer in an effort to get a settlement for how you have suffered. After being bitten by a dog, your injuries can range from just surface wounds to deeper and more severe injuries. Examples of injuries that result from dog attacks are listed as follows:

Crushed Bones

A dog’s jaw is a strong mechanism, so when it is forcefully applied down onto a part of the human body, it is likely to inflict damage. The immense pressure per square inch for a dog bite is what contributes to crushed bones and fractures. A person may have to undergo surgery or months of healing before they can use that area of their body again. So not only does the victim have to go through discomfort while their body heals, but they may not be able to work or go about their day as they normally would, causing other losses and inconveniences to be incurred.

Bacterial Infections

There is bacteria present in animals’ mouths that can be spread to humans through blood or saliva. Even light dog bites can cause bacterial infections and painful inflammation, which can affect the rest of the body too. The most prevalent bacteria that you will find that causes a dog bite infection include eikenella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus. It is also possible that the dog that bit you has rabies if they have not received their vaccination. As a personal injury lawyer residents depend on from Disparti Law Group can attest, victims are advised to go to the doctor immediately, have lab tests done, and get prescribed antibiotics if needed.

Muscle Damage

After a dog bite, a victim may experience muscle tissue tears. This type of injury can be extremely painful. Muscle injuries can even become debilitating and take time to fully recover from, as the person is likely to have limited mobility while the wounded area heals. It is imperative that dog bite victims get medical attention, even if they think it may not be serious, as a way to prevent it from worsening further. A doctor can examine the muscle damage and suggest an appropriate treatment plan. 

Wound Scarring

In most cases, a dog bite is going to leave some kind of tear on the skin, and there may be puncture wounds from the dog’s teeth. The dog bite can also cause scarring that is difficult to remove, leaving the person with an impacted self-esteem due to disfigurement. As your lawyer may offer, like the team at Disparti Law Group, be sure to ask for copies of medical documents pertaining to your injury, as those can be used in your case against the at-fault dog owner.