What Makes a Banquet Hall Different?

A banquet hall is a rentable space offered for birthdays, weddings, bridal showers, bar mitzvahs, and other personal events. Events can be made even more enjoyable by guests if you pick a venue that imitates the theme and style you are hoping to achieve. There are many influential factors when planning an event, and where you decide to have it is one of them. 

If you are not sure the difference between a banquet hall and other types of rental spaces, consider the insight provided below:

  • Capacity: If you have written your guest list already, ask yourself if the banquet hall can easily accommodate how many will be coming. A smaller hall for a large party may cause guests to feel cramped and uncomfortable. While a larger size may impact how people perceive it’s a success. 
  • Interior Decor: Many banquet halls offer certain themes. Inquire with the rental property about whether they have furniture, lights, or props that are available for use. If the banquet hall is not well maintained with run-down or broken facilities, this may not reflect well on the outcome of your event. 
  • Location Proximity: Think about your guests and where they are traveling from. Are most willing to travel farther, or will it be best to keep it local? Be sure to consider the location of a rental venue property before solidifying the date, signing the contract, and paying a deposit.
  • Amenities: It isn’t uncommon for banquet halls to provide extra amenities that perhaps other rental properties do not. For example, the banquet hall may already have in-house catering, a parking lot, free Wi-Fi, AV equipment, multiple restrooms, disability accessibility, and more.