Truck Accident Attorney

The enormous size and weight of a semi-truck is enough to make anyone steer clear of its path. Send them hurtling down a highway at increasing speed, and they become terrifying forces that could wreak havoc in the case of an accident. While many people are familiar with what to do in a car accident, they may not understand how much an accident involving a truck can differ, from the initial impact to proving negligence.


If more than one vehicle is involved in an accident with a truck, they are more than likely smaller cars. Even if a car is built with above-average safety measures, its lighter weight, smaller build and inferior frame can be no match for the larger semi. A truck weights significantly more than a car, resulting in an impact that will damage the car more than the truck, increasing risk of injury for occupants of the car.


Unlike private vehicles, which carry varying forms of insurance, trucks are required to carry insurance that is based on multiple complex factors that can be worth a substantial amount of money. These can include the worth of the truck, the type of cargo, the distance driven, and the driver’s age and experience. Unfortunately, the potentially high cost of claims made against the driver or company means the insurance company is likely to fight a claim in court and attempt to reduce compensation for injuries and damages.


Due to their size, weight and heavy industry use, trucks operate under much stricter statutes and regulations than private vehicles. Their ability to cause harm is greater, so rules involving driving while distracted or impaired, minimal rest periods, maximum cargo loads, and proper truck maintenance are in place to decrease the likelihood of an accident. Violations of these statutes can result in catastrophe and hold the driver, company and/or manufacturer at fault.


In the case of a personal injury claim, evidence is collected from multiple aspects that could have contributed to the crash. The truck driver may be investigated for negligence, experience and proper training. The truck can be inspected for any maintenance issues or mechanical flaws that could have been prevented prior to malfunctioning. Improperly loaded cargo or loads over the maximum weight may be used against the driver or company in a case.

If you’ve been injured in a crash with a truck, consult a truck accident lawyer to consider your options. You may be able to receive compensation for the pain and suffering you’ve endured at the carelessness of another.

Source: Canoga Park Truck Accident Attorney, Barry P. Goldberg