A car accident is difficult enough to deal with, but when it happens partially due to weather conditions, it can feel even worse. Filing a claim for a non-weather accident is lengthy enough, but when Mother Nature gets in the way, the entire process may get turned on its head.

Do the weather conditions affect the way a car insurance company handles an accident claim? While some things are within our control, the weather conditions at the accident scene are not. It helps to know what the possible scenarios may be, so you have an idea of what you’re confronting.

Bad Weather Conditions Increase the Hazard

Whether you are traversing a road in the middle of the pouring rain or a blizzard, navigating during an unfortunate weather event can make driving more dangerous. While you should always be aware of where other cars are when you get behind the wheel, it may become virtually impossible if the weather is bad. Visibility decreases, road conditions become slick, and cars lose traction quicker. Stopping becomes more difficult, and even leaving more significant gaps between vehicles doesn’t always help. Car insurance companies understand that sometimes these conditions, like icy roads, happen, and without any wrongdoing on the part of a driver, cars may careen out of control.

Insurance Companies Don’t Necessarily Fault a Driver

If you live in a state with car insurance tort, the insurance companies investigate accidents to assess liability and fault to the drivers involved. However, when the weather is a factor, finding one driver at-fault becomes more difficult. If the road is icy, there may not be negligence on the part of the driver who slides and slams into another vehicle. Therefore, placing blame on one person is almost impossible. The exception is evidence that the driver was not paying attention to the road or weather and driving recklessly before the crash. Then, there may be a possible liability finding.

Getting Your Claim Paid

States who assign liability to drivers may be reluctant in paying out if the weather was a significant factor in the crash. In instances such as this, you may have to go through your insurance carrier for help. You may also try and file a lawsuit against the other insurance company or the driver.

A car accident lawyer is an excellent resource for helping you get through a motor vehicle claim. Depending on the laws where you live, you may be able to get damage paid for even if the weather caused the crash.