Commonly Asked Questions About Home Project Demolition Services

A family that has agreed to begin a home project, may require assistance from a demolition company, like a demolition company in Los Angeles, CA,. Before demolishment can begin, there are strategies, planning, and regulation checks that must be completed first. As a homeowner, you may be excited to just jump in and get started. However, there is often much more to consider than many people originally think. The demolition process can be done in an organized manner, to help prevent others from sustaining injuries or being exposed to unsafe materials.

Q: How long may it take to demolish a single-family home?

A: A single-family home may take a few days to demolish entirely, depending on the season. If recycling materials along the way is desired, this can add time to the demolition process. To figure out a more exact timeline for how long it would take for your home demolition project, consider talking with a demolition company near you for an estimate. 

Q: Are there any materials that could be recycled and sold?

A: A large percentage of materials in a demolition project can be recycled. Some of these materials may even be worth money, which can put revenue back into your project. Those who want to be respectful to the environment and reuse can talk with a demolition company about whether they offer these services. Examples of materials that may be recycled include:

  • Wood
  • Plasterboard
  • Soils
  • Carpet
  • Roof materials
  • Insulation
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Porcelain
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Wiring

Q: What does interior demolition mean?

A: Homeowners who want to revamp their space, are often partaking in what is referred to as interior demolition. This is where space within a structure is being torn down as a way to remodel and upgrade the home. This type of demolition can involve upheaval of flooring, wall and ceiling removal, salvage, and utility services. 

Q: Are there risks of doing a demolition project without professional assistance?

A: A homeowner that wishes to do a home project and has no knowledge about how to do this properly, may put themselves and others at risk for injuries or illness. Asbestos is commonly found in building material, and is toxic if disturbed. A person who does not know how to identify asbestos may accidentally inhale or ingest the substance. Eventually, exposure to asbestos can lead to very serious illnesses. 

If a wall or other structure is torn down in an unsafe manner, family members can get hit by debris or have materials fall on top of them. It may be worth the time and money to have it done correctly with help from a professional demolition company, if that means the chances of injury or illness are drastically reduced.

Q: Are there several steps to demolition?

A: Yes, demolition is often a multi-step process. It involves structure dismantlement, clearing the site, environmental remediation, recycling, salvage, and recovery. Demolition may seem like a messy process that lacks organization. But, homeowners who want to complete a project may realize there is more thought behind every step than they initially imagined. 

Thank you to the experts at Nielsen Environmental for their contributions to commonly asked questions about home project demolition services.