Wrongful death claims occur when a person dies due to the negligence of others. Turn on the news any night and you’ll hear horror stories about criminal acts, tragic deaths on the road and medical malpractice suits. Wrongful deaths occur from a wide variety of circumstances. Here are some of the most common causes of wrongful death.

Motorist Accidents

It’s estimated that about 40,000 people die every year from automobile accidents. Motorist accidents include commercial vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. Fatalities on the road are often due to driver distraction or driving under the influence, which are preventable. Truckers and trucking companies are often at fault in fatal accidents, for not following regulations or improperly loading the truck. Drivers who cause accidents that result in death should be held responsible.

Product Liability  

Product liability laws are directed at manufacturers, retailers and distributors to make sure that products sold to consumers are safe. When there is a defect in the design or manufacturing, the responsible parties can be held liable for a death. It can be difficult to prove. An attorney who specializes in wrongful death lawsuits due to product liability can be a valuable resource ineffectively presenting your case.

Workplace Accidents

On-the-job accidents in which death occurs are another common wrongful death claim. Employers have a responsibility to create a safe working environment, but there are many industries in which the risk is inherent. Construction, mining and law enforcement are dangerous. If the employer exposed the employee to risks that created a tragic situation, the employer should be held responsible.

Medical Malpractice

Although most healthcare providers are conscientious, there are times when nurses, doctors or medical facilities breach the acceptable standard of care. Medical malpractice can include surgical errors, misdiagnosis or prescribing the wrong medicine. Nursing home abuse or neglect is a form of malpractice. If your loved one died due to medical negligence, you may have a claim against the provider or facility.

What Kind of Compensation Can You Receive in a Wrongful Death Claim?

In a wrongful death claim, family members can receive compensation for past medical bills of the deceased. You may receive money for ongoing financial expenses and loss of companionship. Your lawyer can advise you on what types of compensation you can receive in a wrongful death lawsuit.

If you believe that your loved one died due to the negligence of others, consult a wrongful death lawyer to discuss your situation. You’ll get a fair assessment of your case to determine how you should proceed.