A Couples Counselor For Your Relationship

When you and your spouse or significant other are having relationship problems, it can help to speak with a couples counselor. Counselors can help to identify and address a broad range of issues ranging from infidelity, financial distress, or a big change in life. You don’t have to feel like your relationship will not survive. Couples counseling can assist you in overcoming the struggles that are causing your to feel hopeless, alone, or confused.

To speak with a couples counselor, please call [clinic] for a complimentary consultation. During this short time you will have the opportunity to ask questions, get to know your prospective counsellor, and make a decision on whether or not to schedule your first appointment.

Reasons to Consider Couples Counseling

Couples counseling sessions can help couples with challenges they have been presented with during their time together. These challenges do not necessarily have to be “bad”, but rather may be something that is acting as a hindrance or obstacle to a healthy, fulfilling relationship. Couples counselors regularly help couples who are dealing with the following.

Infidelity – Learning that your significant other has been having an affair can be especially difficult. The emotions that you feel could be overwhelming and lead you to wondering what you should do next. A couples counselor can help you to cope with your emotions, identify some of the reasons for why the infidelity happened, repair the relationship (if you want that), or assist you in making decisions about the relationship as a whole.

Financial Issues – Financial distress is very common in relationships. When this exists, the relationship can suffer. A couples counselor can help both of you to find a solution to your financial problems; thereby, reduce your stress and increase your happiness levels.

Emotional or Mental Health Problems – Depression, stress, anxiety, and PTSD are very common. When one or both people in a relationship suffering from these problems, the entire relationship can be impacted.

Planning for Children – Infertility, conception problems, or being unsure about whether or not you want to have a child can put significant stress on a relationship. A couples counsellor can help both people to talk through these issues in a safe, comfortable environment.

Religious Indifference – Sometimes, when two people marry from different religions, there will be a conflict of interest or beliefs. If a solution or middle ground cannot be reached between the two religious practices, or respect for one another’s religion cannot be made, there will likely be challenges.

External Family Problems – When you or your spouse struggles to get along with an external family member, such as a mother in law, sister in law, or even step child, there may be a conflict between one another. A couples counselor will offer you the right environment to talk about your feelings and explain why there is separation or tension between you and an external family member.

Are You Interested In Learning More About Couples Counseling?

If you would like to learn more about couples counseling, please call a couples counselor to schedule an initial consultation.


Source: couples counseling Great Falls, VA, Lindsay Hoskins & Associates