Personal injury cases are common when a car accident occurs and claims normally stem from negligent driving or some other reckless act that caused the incident. However, when the wreck involves a Yellow Cab or some other type of taxi service, the case may be more complicated. When these accidents happen, there are a few steps you can take that may help protect your rights and gain compensation for your injuries.

  1. Collect Driver and Insurance Information

If you were driving your own vehicle and were struck by a taxi, you can treat it as you would any other vehicle accident. Collect information such as the driver’s name, the insurance information and other data, such as the taxi driver’s cab number and the company name. If you were injured too badly to get this information, you can likely obtain it from police reports later on.

  1. Understand Who Is at Fault

Whether you were driving and were struck by as Yellow Cab or were a passenger in a taxi, understanding who was at fault can be an important step in winning compensation for a personal injury case. If the cab driver was negligent in either case, then you may have to prove this before you file a case. If the cab company was negligent and the accident was caused by failure to maintain the vehicle, this may also allow you to move ahead with a personal injury case.

  1. Contact the Insurance Companies Involved

Insurance companies that cover either the Yellow Cab driver or the company itself may try to downplay or deny liability when an accident occurs. This can be frustrating; however, it is important that you do not allow the company representatives to dismiss you, especially if the accident caused severe injuries. If the insurance company contacts you with a settlement offer, you may want to hire an attorney to help you look it over before signing any papers.

  1. Prepare for a Court Case

If your Yellow Cab accident goes to trial, proper preparation can be the key to a successful outcome. Gather police reports, witness accounts and statements from other people riding in the cab. Have your attorney represent your interests if the cab or insurance company wants to communicate further and allow him or her to review any settlement they might make in an attempt to avoid court.

Being injured in a Yellow Cab accident can be a stressful and life-changing event. Contact a personal injury lawyer for more information about how to protect your rights and win a personal injury case against a negligent cab driver.